Caring for a Pothos

Close-up look at a number of pothos leaves

Taking Care of Your Pothos

A lovely green plant with trailing vines, Pothos plants are great for beginners because they are easy to care for. They can grow in a wide range of environments and soil conditions and are beautiful additions to a bathroom or office. Also known as "Devil's Ivy," Pothos plants are tropical forest plants with attractive heart-shaped leaves in a lovely shade of green, with some varieties having variegated leaves. Pothos are great air-purifying plants and very hardy. Their long, leafy vines make them perfect for putting in hanging planters or placing on top of bookshelves.

Bright, indirect light to medium light

Pothos can tolerate low-light conditions but risk losing the variegation in its leaves. Moving the plant to a brighter location typically restores it. Avoid direct sunlight or the leaves will become pale and drop.

Water thoroughly; allow soil to dry out between waterings

When leaves begin to droop, the plant is telling you it's thirsty. Don't wait too long to water or the leaves will start to shrivel and drop off. Check the soil and if the top 1-2 inches are dry, then water until the water seeps through the drainage holes. Discard any excess water that collects in the saucer to prevent root rot.

Bring some green into your home now!

Follow these guidelines and watch your plants thrive and become cherished living decor in your home. Their vibrant color, freshness, and vitality provide daily health and well-being benefits that will make you feel like you are living in a garden paradise.