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Posted by Charles Carithers on May 7, 2020 | Last Updated: May 11, 2020 Uncategorized

Decorative Hanging Baskets for Your Home

The gorgeous blooming flowers and plants you see when outside can be in your home as well! there’s n Bring the glorious freshness and bountifulness of Mother Nature’s gifts inside with hanging baskets. Here at Carithers Flowers, we love all things green and think healthy green plants should be enjoyed inside by everyone. Read more for a few tips on “greening” up your living space with blooming hanging baskets

Hanging Basket of Flowers

Why Have Hanging Baskets in Your Home

Hanging baskets are charming and elegant. They not only clean the air but add a touch of elegance and style to any space. With the different types of plants and colors to choose from, you can think of your home as an empty canvas to decorate with a colorful variety of plants. Besides delightfully utilizing unused spaces, hanging plants suspend from the ceiling so they don’t take up any floor or counter space.

Cascading Hanging Plants

Great Plants for Inside Hanging Baskets

Hearty plants that are hard to kill are always a safe bet for hanging planters. Determine if the space you want them in is mostly sunny or mostly shady and then choose accordingly. The air inside is typically drier, so low-maintenance hanging plants, such as succulents, are a good option too.  Some plants that do well inside are the Boston Fern, Spider Plant, Garden Verbena, English Ivy, and String of Hearts.

Hanging Plants in Macrame

Best Way to Water Indoor Hanging Baskets

Watering hanging baskets can be messy. It helps to have a long-neck watering can, a ladder, or a step stool. Most hanging baskets need a container with drainage holes because the plant should not sit in water. So to catch excess water drainage, either a drip tray water pan underneath is helpful. Or, you could place the plant’s pot inside a larger pot to catch the excess water. Other options for watering hanging baskets is to put them in a sink basin or shower and water once a week or add a few ice cubes to them throughout the week.  Find a method that suits your schedule to ensure your hanging baskets stay properly nourished and thriving.

Hanging Plant in Decorative Pot

Caring for Indoor Hanging Baskets

You can plant your own hanging basket with fresh soil, or purchase one ready to hang. Besides water, hanging baskets need fertilizer as well. Hanging plants are more prone to drying out quickly since they are in a small amount of soil and the air inside is dryer, therefore fertilizing and watering them on a regular basis is crucial. Remove dead leaves, prune, and trim as needed to keep them looking robust and healthy.

Hanging Basket of Begonias

Keep these tips in mind and before you know it, you will have a lush, thriving garden of hanging baskets in your home. For more inspiration, check out our Pinterest board here.