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Carithers Flowers Atlanta

Posted by Charles Carithers on September 11, 2023 Uncategorized

Autumn Blooms for Ghostly Bouquets and Spooky Displays

This Halloween season, dare to embrace the darker side of nature with flowers that scare, mesmerize, and intrigue. At Carithers Flowers, the best florist in Atlanta, GA, we’re shining a light on the most spine-chilling blooms that boast haunting beauty and eerie symbolism. From monstrous proteas with mysterious tales to spider mums that seem to whisper in the night, this roundup of frightening flowers will add a sinister elegance to your Halloween decor. Enter if you dare, and discover the creepy allure of these captivating blossoms for spooky season.

Proteas From Another Realm

Proteas are sometimes described as monstrous-looking blooms, similar to the one from Little Shop of Horrors. Their crown-like petals are like a sorcerer’s scepter, imbued with the essence of the shape-shifting god Proteus — which, according to Greek mythology, is where proteas got their name. These flowers don’t just bloom; they cast a spell of longevity and courage that lingers long after the jack-o-lanterns have dimmed.

Marigolds Have Potent Spiritual Energy

Marigolds showcase vibrant beauty while harboring a spiritual depth. Although sunny, warm, and cheerful in appearance, they symbolize heavy emotions from jealousy to despair. They are also traditional flowers used in celebrations and ceremonies around the world, most notably, Dia De Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, where they help guide wandering spirits and connect our world with the afterlife. Beyond their Day of the Dead significance, marigolds act as a spiritual catalyst, adding layers of complexity to any haunting decor.

Oxblood Dahlias Add a Dark Intensity

Oxblood dahlias are like the main characters in a gothic tale: complex, multi-layered, and a bit ominous. Their ruby-red color and intricate, web-like petals add a touch of eeriness and chill to their undeniable elegance. As symbols of change and metamorphosis, they perfectly encapsulate the transformative power of spooky season. They’re a nod to both the haunting and the beautiful, making them the ultimate floral protagonist in your Halloween drama.

Spider Mums Resemble Creepy Crawly Creatures

Step up your Halloween game with spider mums, the blooms that pack a meaningful punch with their long, slim, tubular petals. Not only do they look like they crawled out of a creepy Halloween tale, but they symbolize transition and remembrance. These fascinating, arachnid-like flowers embody longevity while honoring our ancestors. Spider mums are also believed to be talismans that protect us from sinister forces, making them a hauntingly beautiful addition to any home or Halloween event.

Deep Purple Calla Lilies Add Mystery and Elegance

If you’re looking to unspool the mysteries of the great beyond this Halloween, the deep purple calla lily is your key to unlocking the supernatural. As enchanting as they are profound, these trumpet-shaped blooms are linked to seasonal changes and celestial cycles of life and death, and their velvety plum elegance is a tribute to loved ones who’ve passed. Nicknamed “jewels of the night,” purple calla lilies spark curiosity, inviting us on an exploration of the spooky and spiritual.

Let the haunting begin with chillingly beautiful Halloween and autumn blooms from Carithers Flowers in Atlanta.