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Celebrate Strength & Beauty with These Perfect Petals for IWD

March 8th, also known as International Women’s Day, is our time to shine a brighter light on women’s issues and celebrate the monumental contributions of women all over the world. This day is about applauding and honoring those who’ve inspired you, those who’ve helped you pursue your aspirations, and those within your community who have nurtured and motivated you, even when you were ready to throw in the towel. Painted in IWD’s iconic hues — purple symbolizing justice and loyalty, green for hope, and white for purity — fresh blooms are a brilliant way to spread love and admiration. At Carithers Flowers, the best florist in Atlanta, we’re here to help you send the perfect flowers to the women and allies who have lifted you up, or even to yourself as a reminder of your own achievements and journey toward your best life. Discover which vibrant blooms will make this IWD an unforgettable celebration of heartfelt gratitude and sisterhood.


On IWD, the various hues of roses speak to the various ways we can love each other — from friends to mentors and women we look up to in awe. Obvious rose choices include purples, greens, and white, but there is so much more left to be said with fresh roses. Dark pinks whisper gratitude, and yellows radiate friendship! No matter how you celebrate or who you celebrate with, there is a rose for every sentiment.


IWD rolls around just as we’re getting ready to say “so long” to winter and welcome the fresh, hopeful vibes of spring. It’s the perfect time for tulips (iconic signs of spring) to enter the chat. These flowers are a celebration of new beginnings and a nod to the fresh starts we’re all craving. Gifting a tulip bouquet to someone you admire acknowledges their incredible achievements and the exciting adventures that lie ahead. With a kaleidoscope of tulip varieties at your fingertips, you can design a bouquet that’s as amazing and diverse as the women and allies we’re all rooting for.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are the optimism and good vibes that surround IWD. They’re also a symbol of purity, capturing the pure-hearted intentions and contributions of women and allies. With their bold and bright petals, gerbera daisies are often referred to as the life of the party and are a simply brilliant choice for celebrating IWD.


Get ready to dial up the luck and prosperity this IWD – courtesy of peonies! These sweet, full, puffy blooms are like happiness on stems steeped in good fortune. With an impressive vase life, they’re the poster flowers for resilience, just like the incredible women who’ve blazed trails and continue to make positive changes in the world. Sending peonies on IWD is the perfect way to keep that fire burning and momentum going for every woman around the globe.


Orchids express exceptional versatility in color, shape, and symbolism, offering a creative canvas to convey unique messages. This makes orchids a perfect choice for a variety of sentiments and occasions, like IWD! These flowering plants exude a modern aesthetic that resonates with a diverse audience, including women and their allies. Opting for orchids on IWD is a nod to a contemporary and stylish way of expressing admiration and gratitude to those who lead the way for women.

Mimosa Flower

Since making their debut in 1946, mimosa flowers have really come to symbolize what IWD is all about — that mix of empowerment, resilience, and grace. But if mimosas are hard to come by, no worries! You can still capture their spirit with other cheerful flowers like daisies or add accents like alstroemeria, goldenrod, and gold aster. These warm stems celebrate sisterhood and the joys of a powerful friendship.

On IWD, let Carithers Flowers be your guide in creating a day that’s as meaningful as it is beautiful, courtesy of fresh, vibrant stems.

Flowers to Honor International Women's Day