Statice or Limonium

Often Used For Dried Flower Arrangements

The Annual Statice is not only a hardy annual for the garden, containers, and groundcover, but it also suits dried flower arrangements and bouquets. It is easy to grow and comes in a variety of colors to suit all types of garden and floral arrangement designs. Since they are drought-resistant, they can also go without water from time to time and get on well in hot, sunny areas all over the world, adding blooms in colors like white, pink and salmon, yellow, red and blue. Other features of these flowers include small leaves, graceful stems, and frilly, paper-like flowers. Their size is unassuming as well, only growing up to about sixteen inches, and works well for a number of designs and uses, including as a border or mixed in with other annual and perennial flower favorites.

As previously mentioned, the Annual Statice is often used in dried flower arrangements because they are easy to work with and they hold their color and shape for many years. However, to ensure their most vibrant colors, it is important to pick the flowers before they have opened all the way and then hang them upside down in a dark, well-aired area. From there, they can be added to all types of arrangements. Their flexibility and long-life as a dried flower make them a favorite with florists and craft shops.

Growing Recommendations - Statice or Limonium

Considered a very versatile flower, the Annual Statice can grow and thrive in most soils, but it is important to make sure that the soil is well-drained. It helps to add compost or organic material to the soil, which can ensure that the water does not saturate its delicate roots. Cooler climates require that the seeds or plants be put in the ground after any frost has passed, which is usually around the spring months. In contrast, warmer climates permit the planting of Statice flowers toward the end of winter. Be sure to leave about a foot and a half (16 inches) between the plantings and thin any seedlings when they get to be about two inches high. This planting strategy leaves plenty of room for the roots to take hold and thrive. While Statice flowers do not need as much water when they are established, it is important to water regularly when first planting them but just be sure to not go overboard with the water. Fertilizer is not necessary but it does provide some nutrition that helps them grow.

Photos of Statice or Limonium

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