Stargazer Lily

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Originally developed by a lily breeder in California, the Stargazer Lily joined the Lilium family as a new hybrid lily in 1978. The name “Stargazer Lily” was given because of the upwards direction that the blooms face when fully grown, with its petals reaching towards the sky. The Stargazer is a hybrid lily and is part of the Oriental group of lilies that are commonly known for their strong aroma as well as vibrant colors.

Stargazers give off a sweet fragrance that fills gardens and flower arrangements with a pleasant smell. Pink, white, and red colors blend on the petals of this plant, making it an attractive flower for bees, butterflies and birds. With four to five flowers per stem, the Stargazer Lily can spread to a foot and a half in width and grow to a height of approximately three feet. Because of the sweet fragrance that this plant produces, larger animals have been known to be drawn to the flower as well. As the only known species to experience adverse effects of the Stargazer Lily, cats that have come in contact with the plant tend to experience vomiting, lethargy, kidney failure and even death.

Growing Recommendations - Stargazer Lilys

Stargazer Lilies thrive in areas with ample sunlight, but these flowers require shaded area as well. In warmer climates these lilies need morning sun and afternoon shade for best growth results. If the lilies are unable to escape the sun, the flowers vibrant colors can prematurely fade, making them less desirable for bouquets and flower arrangements. Stargazer Lilies need to be watered regularly but cannot withstand soggy soil; at most the soil should be moist and as cool as possible. Plant these flower bulbs in early spring or late fall in fertile soil that is slightly acidic. Stargazer’s will bloom in July through September.

Photos of Stargazer Lily

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