Oriental Lily

Native to Asia

Close your eyes and look away from these spectacular blooms for a moment. Inhale the fragrance. Delightful, isn’t it? With more than one hundred different species of lily known, the Oriental Lily, with its large and ornate flowers, is an intoxicating experience in part because of the intense perfume of its fragrance. This showy plant is one of the most popular flowers for arrangements meant to grab the eye and please the nose. The stems can reach between three and five feet in height. The plants make excellent borders behind shorter ground hugging flowers. The Stargazer variety of Oriental Lily is probably one of the best known flowers in the world and remains one of the flowers of choice for cut displays for all types of occasions. The blooms are found in shades of pink to deep rose. Lilies are perennials and hardy plants that, once established in your garden, will delight the gardener year after year.

The lily name is from the Greek, “leirion,” and the Roman, “lilium.” For Christians, the lily represents purity and is associated with the Virgin. The lily is mentioned in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. In Paganism, the lily is associated with fertility. Lilies are also a symbol of death and often placed on the grave. Oriental lilies, with their bright colors and deep fragrance, represent the livelier and happy sides of the various myths associated with this flower.

Growing Recommendations - Oriental Lilys

Oriental Lilies are propagated from bulbs and should be planted in well-drained soil that receives sun to partial shade. Plant the bulbs in the fall or spring and keep them moist. Fertilize the plants every four to six months. Mulching helps keep the soil cool and is highly recommended. The taller stems may need to be staked to prevent damage from the wind. Flowers should be removed once they die to prevent the formation of seed pods, and the stems should be cut near the soil when they turn brown. Never cut green stems, however, except to harvest the flowers. Lilies will bloom for most of the summer season to provide lovely color in the garden.

Photos of Oriental Lilies

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