Monte Casino Aster

Also Known As The Heath Aster

The Monte Casino Flower is also known as the Heath Aster or the Monte Casino Aster. It is native to the Central and Eastern part of the United States as well as Canada. It is commonly found as a small filler flower in arrangements on a year-round basis and is a common pick among florists. It is found as part of a clump forming bush that grows up to three feet in height and approximately a foot in width. Colors for the Monte Casino Flower include star-shaped blossoms in purple, lavender, and white with a yellow center.

Through ancient societies, the aster flower has come to be known as a symbol of charm and patience as well as refinement and elegance. The Ancients also believe that, by burning aster leaves, they could drive away serpents with the smell as well as be used as a love charm. Today, the message conveyed by giving asters can be sometimes taken as a lack of trust that a person has remained faithful. The flower offers a unique beauty that has also offered some medicinal properties. It is related to other flowers, such as mums, marigolds, and daisies. They have also been associated with the artichoke.

Growing Recommendations - Monte Casino Aster

To grow the Monte Casino Flower in a garden, it is best to purchase a pre-started plant from your garden center during the spring time. It can then be cultivated as an annual. The Monte Casino Flower looks great as a garden border as well as in a floral arrangement. They are also seen around a cornucopia. These, as with other asters, like to be placed in a sunny location. The flowers grow well in any hardiness zone. To keep them growing, be sure to maintain a moist soil.

Once established, the flowers can then be cut from the bush and put in a floral arrangement. It is best to feed it with a floral preservative like FloraLife or AquaPlus or use your own food mix of a quart of cold water mixed with one-half teaspoon of sugar to prevent bacteria growth. Depending on its bud stage, it can last anywhere from seven to ten days. However, it is only meant for fresh arrangements as the Monte Casino Flower does not work as a dried flower.

Photos of Monte Casino Aster

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