Native to Australia

The Leptospermum Flower is an upright, evergreen shrub known for having slender branches and small, stiff leaves. The springtime brings numerous white or pink flowers, which can last on the shrub for up to ten months out of the year, depending on weather and temperature conditions. It can grow up to thirty feet high. They are commonly found in Australia and New Zealand and are part of the Myrtle family. The Leptospermum Flower is very similar to the dried flower of the Australian Ti-tree, but the Leptospermum has a softer look and feel. The Leptospermum does very well in warm and dry climates in the United States, such as California.

You will often see the Leptospermum Flower within a dried floral arrangement and are quite popular among wholesalers for use in various types of wreathes and décor hangings that feature dried flowers.

Growing Recommendations - Leptospermum

The Leptospermum Flower is propagated by seed or cuttings and is only grown outdoors. It does make an excellent addition to your landscape and garden features. The Leptospermum likes to grow in full sun in very well-drained soil. The harvest period for these is just before the flowers are completely opened. If you want to dry Leptospermum Flowers, they need to be preserved with glycerin and then dyed. If you plan on growing the Leptospermum Flower, it will require a fertilizer that works for good blooming plants.

If you plan on growing it in a high light, full sun area, then it should be fertilized every two months while an area that has lower light intensity would only need to be fertilized every three or four months. The soil where you plant the Leptospermum should be of a peaty type with a base of good quality organic matter. When buying it in a container, make sure to replant it at the same depth as it was in the container. While it can be grown in a container, the smaller the container, the more it must be watered.

Photos of Leptospermum

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