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The Asteraceae or more commonly known as the Daisy is native to north and central Europe. Daisies close their flower at night and open back at dawn thus they acquired the name “day’s eye” which in Anglo Saxon translates to “daes eage”. “Loyal love”, “I will never tell” is the flower meaning of daisy and often it symbolizes innocence and purity. Daisies are a very simple and delightful flower and are often selected for gift bouquets because they have brilliant colors and symbolize loyalty and pure intentions. While the Shasta Daisy and the African Daisy are the most popular, there are many varieties to choose from.

Growing Recommendations - Daisy

For anyone interested in growing Daisies, here are some important facts. Daisies can be seeded directly into flower beds. Growers should select a sunny location where the flowers can grow undisturbed for years to come. If a grower wants to plant Daisies from a plant rather than seed, the plants should be set 9 to 12 inches apart and in a flower bed rich with manure and compost. A general purpose fertilizer should be administered in the early growth stages and then only once per month afterwards. Daisies are generally insect and disease free but if these conditions do develop, a fungicide or insecticidal soap may be applied.

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