Asiatic Lily

Native to Eastern Asia

Asiatic Lily is classified as Division 1 of the garden form of hybrids of the lilium plant species. Deriving from central and eastern Asia, Asiatic lily is the most popular, most reliable and easiest to grow of the lily cultivars. The medium-sized flower grows from a perennial bulb, white with a pinkish tint (the bulb color does not determine the flower color), containing fleshy scales with no protective covering. The plant has stiff, erect stems reaching 1.5 to 4.5 feet (they need no staking) with narrow, strap-like leaves and flowers that can be shaped like trumpets, bells or bowls, all with reflexed petals. Most Asiatic lilies are unscented, with flowers that can be upward facing, horizontally held or drooping.

There are as many different colors of Asiatic lily as there are in the rainbow, with the exception of true blue. Many varieties have dark spots or contrasting “halos”, lending to their dramatic appeal. Some examples of this hybrid group include: Enchantment (orange/red, spotted with black); Impala (bright yellow); Sancerre (pure white); Tango Passions; the Tiny Collection; and Matrix (coral orange with yellow streak). Hummingbirds are particularly attracted to Red Velvet, Karen North and White Lace varieties. Asiatic lily multiplies rapidly and is the earliest to bloom in the garden, in early summer and continuing into July. Because they are ideal for growing in pots, Asiatic lilies are available pot-grown throughout the summer.

Growing Recommendations - Asiatic Lily

To ensure success in the garden, plant the bulbs as soon as you get them to prevent them from drying out. Plant them in 3-4 inches of loose soil in a well-drained area of the garden that receives full sun. Because the bulbs need moisture year-round, never let the root area dry out completely. Deadhead the flowers after bloom and mulch before the winter to help keep the plant moist. Don’t disturb the stems though; allow them to die out naturally. Divide the bulbs every 3-4 years.

Photos of Asiatic Lilys

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