Throatwort or Trachelium

Native To The Mediterranean Region

The name trachelium comes from the Greek word "trachelos" for neck, referring to this herbaceous perennials reputed medicinal ability to sooth a sore throat. During a long growing season that lasts from March to November, trachelium or "throatwort" grows petite blue, pink, purple and white flowers in flattened sprays on stems close to three feet long. Small but exquisite, trachelium claims the Mediterranean as its native home and lasts up to 14 days n arrangements.

This perennial is more commonly known as the “Blue Throatwort”. While there was never an actual medical benefit from the plant, followers of the occult Doctrine of Signatures believed in its superstitious healing powers. As mentioned, the wildflower is native to the Mediterranean, mainly being found in the country of Portugal. The flower stands erect at two-three feet tall and blooms with hundreds of tiny flower heads in clusters on top of the flower stem. Because there are so many blossoming flower heads in each cluster, the actual flowers themselves reach a wingspan of about eight inches. The flower heads come in colors of purple, white, lavender and blue making for a quite a beautiful filler flower.

Growing Recommendations - Trachelium or "Throatwort"

Before planting it is important to have well-drained soil that is at least ten inches deep. After the flower is planted it is quite easy to tend for. However, keep in mind that these plants need between 16-18 hours of light a day due to the hot climate region that they come from. Water well weekly until soil is completely moist and remove dead flower heads to promote new growth for the Throatwort flower. Among the pests that bother this flower are spider mites and aphids. Both can be organically controlled in several ways. Spraying them off the leaves with a heavy burst of water has proved to be very efficient because they have bodies that are soft shelled. These pests can also be deferred with sprays made from spicy substances such as cayenne peppers, garlic and/or onions. Simply cut any of these up, put in a gallon of water and let boil. As soon as the substance cools you can spray the plant. The flower is very easy to plant and maintain and makes for a very attractive flowering plant. You can’t go wrong with the Trachelium.

Photos of Trachelium or "Throatwort"

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