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Shop our latest creations of funeral flowers for a man. We have a wide selection of custom wreaths, sprays, sympathy baskets, custom funeral arrangements. Send flowers with same-day delivery to our local area funeral homes, surrounding areas or nationwide.

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Elegant funeral flowers for a man, featuring funeral wreaths, sympathy sprays, funeral baskets with same-day flower delivery to all funeral homes. Carithers Funeral Flowers are custom designed using unique fresh flowers like Hydrangea, Oriental Lilies, Orchids, Sunflowers, Garden Roses. Send funeral flowers anywhere in the United States with our 100% Guarantee. Carithers Flowers delivers to all Funeral Homes and Churches with our same-day funeral flower delivery guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are appropriate flowers for a funeral?

Flowers are imbued with special meanings and symbolism, and choosing the right flowers for your sympathy gift can help you convey the right message. The first place to start is to consider the person who has passed on. If they had a favorite flower, consider sending an arrangement composed of only that bloom.

What flowers are appropriate for a man's funeral?

When it comes to selecting funeral flowers for men, it's important to choose arrangements that are respectful and appropriate for the occasion. Some common options include masculine arrangements such as standing sprays or wreaths in shades of white, blue, or green. Popular flower choices include lilies, roses, and carnations, which can be combined with greenery and other foliage to create a dignified and sophisticated look.

It's also a good idea to consider the personal preferences of the deceased, such as their favorite colors or flowers, when selecting funeral flowers. Ultimately, the most important thing is to choose flowers that honor and celebrate the life of the individual who has passed away.

Can hobbies like fishing or hunting be represented in funeral flowers?

Incorporating hobbies such as fishing or hunting into floral arrangements can be a meaningful way to personalize a funeral or memorial services for loved ones who had a passion for these activities.

One way to do this is by using floral elements that reflect the outdoor environment, such as branches, moss, or greenery. For example, a fishing-themed arrangement could include a fishing rod or tackle box, along with blue and green flowers or aquatic plants. A hunting-themed arrangement could include antlers or feathers, along with rustic blooms such as sunflowers or mums. By incorporating these personal touches, funeral flowers can become a tribute to the unique interests and passions of the individual who has passed away, creating a memorable and heartfelt tribute that celebrates their life.

Which flowers are considered manly or masculine?

Flowers such as lilies, carnations, orchids, and sunflowers, are typically larger and have more robust blooms.

Colors such as blue, green, and white are often seen as more masculine, while pastel shades of pink and purple are more commonly associated with femininity.

Ultimately, the most important factor when selecting funeral flowers for men is to choose arrangements that are dignified and respectful, and that honor the life of the individual who has passed away.

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