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Posted by Charles Carithers on February 3, 2010 Uncategorized

New! World’s Tallest Roses are here



“Epic” Roses – towering over 5′ Tall
Carithers is proud to be one of the only florists in the southeast offering the incredible “Epic Rose”. Featured on Good Morning America as the “World’s Largest Roses” these giant roses are magnificent. Requiring years to reach maturity few farms produce these towering roses and their supply is very limited. Please order a week prior to your delivery date – and remember, at over 5′ tall the design needs a large room!


The “Imperial Rose” standing over 3′ feet tall – Red & Bi-color Pink (shown)
Carithers Flowers introduces two unique and rare varieties of roses guaranteed to make a giant impression.  Our “Imperial Roses”, available in red and bi-color pink, stand over 3′ tall with luxurious blooms and longer vase life.  Our Ecuadorian rose farm achieves these magnificent roses through a labor-intensive growing process that takes twice as long as traditional roses, each stem is then hand-picked and graded for perfection.  Truly a unique and memorable gift.

Carithers delivers Deluxe Roses: Red, Pink, Yellow, Purple throughout Atlanta-metro.