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Posted by Charles Carithers on January 27, 2021 | Last Updated: February 1, 2021 Uncategorized


When you imagine the perfect Valentine’s Day, is it full of extravagant plans or sweet moments? Since we know sweet moments can be made from anywhere, even your own home, your friends here at Carithers Flowers in Atlanta, assembled the best guide for a Valentine’s Day at home that’s filled with love. From spreading love to self-love or enjoying time with the one you love, our perfect guide covers it all.

Seven Relaxing Valentine’s Day Activities

Wonderful night sky and blanket of stars

Sit Under the Stars

A brilliant sunset and the romantic night sky are loving gifts from nature. Appreciate mother nature’s beauty alongside your Valentine as you keep each other warm. Bring a blanket outside and hang onto steaming hot chocolates, coffees, teas, or hot cocktails to keep warm. There’s nothing better than ending a day or beginning a romantic evening under a blanket of stars with your love.

Bucket list paper and red pencil

Create a Couple’s Bucket List

While you’re warm and cozy inside, surprise your sweetheart with dreams of wonders to see, thrilling adventures to embark on, and amazing places to visit together. Create the ultimate bucket list for you and your partner to share as a couple. Learn about each other’s goals and dreams and see how courageous you both can be.

Donation boxes with clothing and shoes

Make a Loving Donation

Showing some love doesn’t always come by putting together a romantic dinner with your partner. One way to spread the love this Valentine’s Day is by making donations to organizations that are close to your heart. You can spend time coordinating your donation with your honey or see this project through on your own. However you choose, it will be a meaningful gesture of love for your community.

Let her know she's special with our 'Love Always' design featuring romantic Ecuadorian roses and Holland tulips nestled in a cloud of white hydrangea and silver dusty miller. For a limited time, receive this gorgeous gold and white contemporary decor vase for years of continued enjoyment.

Send Beautiful Blooms

Show your friends, family, and neighbors some love with fresh flowers. Enjoy spending time looking at our fantastic collection of floral arrangements, like our “Love Always” design. Select the most uplifting blooms to send joy and bliss to those who could use an extra pick-me-up this year. Don’t forget about self-love. Arrange a special delivery for yourself, too!

Game night letter board

Play Nostalgic Board Games

Fill your Valentine’s Day with joy and laughter with your favorite person. Dig out your old board games and spend the day enjoying nostalgic fun and friendly competitions. Get comfortable on the floor, as you did back in the day, and act like kids again as you spend quality time together.

Yoga couple meditating back to back

Try a Couple’s Yoga Class

Unwind and relax this Valentine’s Day with your honey. If you’ve never taken a yoga class before, this is your opportunity to try something new as a couple. If you’re already an avid yogi, then you’re aware of the countless benefits the practice has on your mood. Find an online couple’s class that’s romantic and fun to begin your cozy day at home. 

Movie and popcorn

Have a Favorite Movie Marathon

Get your popcorn ready and settle in with your Valentine because you’re about to spend the next few hours cuddling and enjoying your favorite movies. Create a list of your top three picks and ask your partner to do the same. Then, swap your lists and choose one to kick off your marathon. Switch it up with some romance, action, drama, comedies, and even classic cartoons to take you back to your childhood.

Escape your reality today. Unplug and enjoy the sweet little moments your Valentine’s Day will bring. As some might say, “stop and smell the flowers.” You’ll be happy you did, especially if they came from Carithers Flowers.