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Posted by Charles Carithers on March 20, 2017 Uncategorized

Wedding Flower Planning on National Proposal Day

bridal bouquet(focus on the flowers,special photo f/x)

bridal bouquet(focus on the flowers,special photo f/x)

Today, March 20th, is National Proposal Day. It celebrates that idea that someone got down on bended knee and had the courage to take their relationship and love to the next stage in life by proposing marriage. It’s an exciting time, but it also can be stressful with all the planning that goes into having a wedding.

Our job as a florist is to take the stress out of wedding flowers and put in the joy of selecting the perfect floral design and flowers for your bouquet, wedding party, ceremony, reception, cake and maybe even your hair!C1

Reception Flowers 19We are proud to be recognized in 2017 by Wedding Wire as well as recently participated in the Georgia Wedding Show where we showcased some of our extraordinary work for wedding flowers.
Now that you know others have picked us as their favorite for wedding flowers, we want you to have the same great experience.

To get you started before you arrange your free consultation with us, you can go to our dedicated wedding flower website and peruse the many floral designs seen in other weddings.
You’ll see what you might like or use for your wedding flowers. Plus, you’ll recognize the creativity, flair, and quality that has gone into each and every wedding floral design. 096 (2)

Our wedding flower website shows you many different types of wedding flowers so you can choose a bouquet or design a whole theme for all wedding flowers. Our wedding consultants also work within your preferences, vision, and budget rather than pushing their ideas on you.

We do have great relationships with all the wedding venues within the Atlanta area, which means you can be confident that everyone will be working as a team behind the scenes to create that magical wedding day without you having to get involved or worry that it will come off as you had envisioned. Reception Flowers

You can call us directly to reserve your free wedding consultation or you can fill out our online form on our wedding flower website.
After all, this is YOUR day and we are just so honored that you may select us to be a part of it.