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Posted by Charles Carithers on May 6, 2018 Uncategorized

Still Time to Spoil Mom!

Designers Carithers 1Mother’s Day is only a week away, but that doesn’t mean you are out of time when it comes to getting your mom everything she deserves. You can still spoil her thanks to our amazing collection of Mother’s Day gifts, flowers, and more.

Custom Mother’s Day Flower Arrangements
One idea is to treat your mom to an exclusive floral design that no other mother will have. That’s possible when you make an appointment today and work with our floral design team. All you need to do is start with a custom theme.

For example, there are custom themes like bright and cheery, lush pink, purple inspiration, citrus delight, pure elegance, and tropical adventure. Each custom theme features different sizes, colors, and styles that may be suited to your mom’s personality.

Designers Carithers 4For the southern garden custom theme, there are two style options. The European ‘Low & Lush’ is a tight and compact floral style in a glass cube or cylinder. The emphasis is color, texture, and abundance. Or, you can go with the Classic ‘Tall & Airy’ that is spread over a larger area with accents of willow and floral greenery. It can be just over two feet tall.

Other Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
Then there are other great gift ideas for mom to choose from like these beauties:

Mom will love this long-lasting, colorful garden basket! The basket is nice for other plants or just as a decor item.

This blooming hydrangea garden features seasonal flowering plants and ivy in a decorative container.
Nature’s Secret Garden offers azalea flowers as well as palms and ferns. They arrive in a woven handled basket that’s been decorated with pink ribbon. Mom will get an azalea bush plus many small green plants.

Deliver a living garden of locally grown succulents. Each order is hand designed in our greenhouse. That means each one will be unique and offer something extra special just for your mom.

Like our designer choice flower arrangements, you can also leave a blooming plant gift garden design up to our design team so they can make something spectacular for your mom.

C5If you are planning on taking her out for Mother’s Day, now is also the time to make that brunch reservation! Or, other great ideas include hosting a barbecue now that the weather is so beautiful! Whatever you do, spend as much time with your mom as possible. They love having those moments and appreciate the time you take just as much, if not more than these special gifts.