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Posted by Charles Carithers on June 11, 2020 | Last Updated: June 16, 2020 Uncategorized

Plant ID Apps You’ll Love

If you’re a flower and plant enthusiast, then you’re going to want to get at least one of these plant identifier apps on your smartphone stat! Instantly get any plant or flower identified with loads of accompanying information including tips on growing, watering, fertilizing, and more.

Pastel garden favorites including southern blue hydrangea, fragrant stock, wild pink tea roses, bells of Ireland, larkspur and snapdragons, pink mink protea, and lush floral foliage presented in a chic glass vase.

The flower experts at Atlanta’s premier florist shop, Carithers Flowers, has assembled a list of the top plant and identification apps for your enjoyment.

Best Flower & Plant Identifier Apps for Your Smartphone



Developed by scientists, PlantNet is a free app that uses visual recognition software to identify plants in photos submitted by users. Just take a picture of any plant or flower and get it identified immediately. It’s also a citizen science project in that all the plants photographed are collected and analyzed by experts around the world to better understand plant biodiversity and preservation. Besides just plants, this app can also identify trees, flowers, grasses, ferns, vines, and cacti.



Take a picture of a flower, plant, leaf, berry, etc. and PictureThis will identify it for you. Easy to use, this app employs artificial intelligence to scan your photo and generate results. Results include detailed information on each species. Additionally, PictureThis can identify plant diseases and offers growing tips, pest control, and more. After a 7-day free trial, there is a charge for this subscription-based app.


What’s That Flower?

A popular app that identifies flowers and plants, What’s That Flower doesn’t require photo submissions, rather it gives results based on questions you answer about the flower you want identified. You start by selecting the flower’s color, then its habitat, and number of petals. Then, the app will present you with several images that match your description. Additionally, detailed information about each one is given. This app is good for finding out the name of a flower you recall by memory. This is a free app with ads and a small price for an ad-free premium version.



This free mobile app identifies tree species by using visual recognition software on photos of a tree’s leaves. With beautiful high-resolution images of leaves, fruit, trees, seeds, and bark, this app is definitely a keeper.

Apps that Identify More than Just Plants

  • Agrobase – Extensive database of plants, weeds, pests, and plant diseases. Most useful for farmers.
  • iNaturalist – A nature app that helps you identify the plants and animals around you.
  • NatureGate – Identifies plants, flowers, birds, fish, and butterflies too with a database of over 700 species.
  • PlantSnap – Identifies plants, flowers, cacti, succulents, and mushrooms with a database of over 625,000 species.

Last but not least, there are numerous free wildflower apps for nearly every region of North America for all the wildflower lovers out there.