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Posted by Charles Carithers on September 9, 2019 | Last Updated: September 12, 2019 Uncategorized

Let Sunflowers Shine All Season Long

Autumn is a fabulous time for enjoying beautiful blooms, especially sunflowers. Hailed as one of the signature flowers of fall, sunflowers are not only beautiful and stylish, they’re also super easy to care for. With so many style options available, as well as the multitude of occasions in which sunflowers can participate, these bold, showy blooms can create unique, eclectic decor in any setting. As naturally-occuring fall blooms, sunflowers bring a festive touch to any setting and a fresh autumnal vibe indoors as the temperatures drop outside. Since taking care of these blooms is so simple, there’s no reason not to include sunflowers in your fall decor throughout the Atlanta area. The floral designers at Carithers Flowers are here to show you how sunflowers can be part of your decor no matter what your style or occasion may call for.

Giving Sunflowers as Gifts

One of the coolest aspects of sunflowers is their versatility. These blooms, with their distinct central brown disk surrounded by bright yellow petals on a thick green stem, can make great gifts. Since they can be friendly and sophisticated, happy and romantic, or just sunny and warm, sunflowers make great gifts for just about anyone. During the fall months, birthdays and anniversaries are a great reason to send someone special a beautiful bouquet like our Brilliance Bouquet or Countryside Garden to celebrate their special day. You can even send one of these delightful pieces to your administration for Bosses Day or other business gifts. Full of color and cheerfulness, these designs both offer a sunny greeting for happy occasions. Our Garden Bonfire, designed in a clear glass envelope container, makes a perfect desktop design for the office. Low and compact, but packed with color and style, this design allows the sunflowers to pack a punch of color amidst darker hues for a unique presentation. If Thanksgiving or other fall holidays call for a festive centerpiece, our Sunflower Garden Centerpiece is the perfect accent to a festive get-together. Low and bright, this piece will look great on its own, or as a collection of sunflowers on multiple tables. You can’t go wrong when you choose sunflowers for every occasion during the fall months.

Brilliance Bouquet

Countryside Garden Bouquet

Garden Bonfire Bouquet

Sunflower Garden Centerpiece


Caring For Sunflowers

Once you’ve decided which style of sunflower displays are your favorite, and added them to your home’s decor, you’ll want to be sure you care for them so they’ll last as long as possible. Be sure to display your beauties in a cool, dry spot, away from heaters, electrical appliances and other hot spots like heating vents. Keep sunflowers near a window so they’ll receive lots of sunlight. Finally, replenish water daily back to the same water level, replacing cloudy water with fresh, clean water when needed. Doing each of these regularly will keep sunflowers healthy and happy, leading to gorgeous, fresh, long-lasting blooms. 

Whether you’re sending beautiful fall sunflowers to someone special or keeping them for yourself, proper care, placement and hydration will lead to beautiful, long-lasting blooms that can be enjoyed all season long. Choose your favorite style to enrich your fall season and bring a bit of nature’s finest offerings into your space for a fresh seasonal update. For more tips and advice about choosing and caring for your beautiful fall sunflowers, talk to the floral designers at Carithers Flowers. We’re here to help you make the most of your fall season.