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Posted by Charles Carithers on August 12, 2015 Uncategorized

It’s National Smile Week

c1The second week of every August has been designated as National Smile Week. It was designed around reminding us just how healthy smiling is and how it can not only make us feel better, but it can also aid others that are recipients of those big, beautiful smiles.

To make the most of this special week, you can do things with your kids like:

  • Make some happy face crafts together.
  • Have a smile contest.
  • Play some silly games together.c2
  • Go get those pearly whites cleaned at the dentist before the school year starts.

For your loved ones, you can make the most of National Smile Week in many ways:

  • Be sure to crack some jokes to not only make them crack a smile but also enjoy a good laugh.
  • Take the time to get together and do something fun. Quality time with loved ones always brings the smiles.
  • If you can’t see the ones you love during National Smile Week, be sure to send them something that is sure to make them smile.c3

Here are some bright and cheerful ways to celebrate National Smile Week with our help:

  • Epic Garden Joy offers up bright, colorful, and cheery garden favorites that include sunflowers, lilies, and roses in a chic glass vase.
  • Atlanta Sunflower Showcase is a modern and chic presentation of sunflowers that has been artfully designed with wax flower and field asters in a contemporary glass vase.
  • Island Adventure is a tropical display of birds of paradise, lush cymbidium orchids, and other fresh-cut tropical flowers.
  • White Roses & Orchids features white garden roses that are nestled amid exotic green cymbidium orchids.c4

Besides these and our other stunning flower arrangements, we also offer balloon bouquets, brownies, chocolates, gift baskets and greeting cards that also offer cheery ways to bring out those smiles. Don’t forget that you can also make your own custom flower arrangements as well for this special week.


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