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Posted by Charles Carithers on December 23, 2013 Uncategorized

Holiday Parties Require Special Planning and Attention to Detail

dec23c4Whether you are hosting a holiday party in your home a corporate event, special planning and attention to detail are important to ensure festive success!

Of course, planning a Christmas party is an extra task on top of all the other things you normally have to do plus the other holiday activities on the list.

However, we are here to help you organize the best holiday party ever without having to spend too much or work too hard. Plus, we can also help with the decorating!dec23c1

Planning a Holiday Party

Here is a great strategy for planning your home or office holiday party:

  • Pick a location and date: Make sure it is a location that is convenient for as many party guests as possible. Depending on your budget, you can host it at a home, office, or event location. If you are picking an event location, be flexible with the dates as those closest to the holiday will either be booked up or more expensive.
  • Create invitations: Make sure your guests know when and where the party is with a paper invitation or e-vite with all the details. Word-of-mouth is not the best way to invite people and you need to get the best count possible for how many people you may have at your holiday event.
  • Pick a Theme: Decide what type of holiday party will it be – Black tie? Casual? Ugly Christmas Sweater? With your theme should come a color scheme for the decorations to make sure it all ties together.
  • Select a Menu: No matter what type of party you plan, keep the menu simple. You want to enjoy the party rather than be stuck in the kitchen the whole night.  When it comes to beverages, offer a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic to suit all preferences and provide a responsible party environment to keep everyone safe.dec23c2
  • Plan Entertainment: The type of party you have will dictate the entertainment, including deciding on a DJ, games, or dancing. Be sure to include some fun activities to help get everyone to relax and enjoy themselves.

Working with Carithers on Holiday Parties and Events

Whether you planning a small dinner party at home, a major corporate holiday party, or even getting married during the holidays, turn to Carithers Flowers for assistance with beautiful Christmas décor, including wreaths, garlands, poinsettia plants, Christmas flower arrangements and bouquets, and Christmas centerpieces.dec23c3

We have produced a wide range of holiday and Christmas events as well as holiday weddings, providing a full service event staff to ensure a memorable experience for our clients!