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Posted by Charles Carithers on January 19, 2020 | Last Updated: February 18, 2021 Uncategorized

Give the Gift of Living Plants or Flowers to Him on Valentine’s-Day

Romance is in the air in Atlanta, which means that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you have yet to decide what you’re going to get for your husband or boyfriend, don’t worry! Our florists at Carithers Flowers are here to help. Believe it or not, a flower shop is actually a great place to get your guy a Valentine’s gift.

Our Favorites: The Best Valentine’s Gifts for Him

Our popular greenhouse orchids planted in a decor urn. A perfect for home or office which they will enjoy for months

1. Orchids

Orchids are truly wondrous plants that bloom naturally in the winter, which means they’ll bloom around Valentine’s Day every year to remind your special guy of your love for him. We especially love all-white Phalaenopsis orchids as gifts for husbands and boyfriends. They require minimal care and look great in either an office or at home.

They will love this desktop garden of succulent plants, artfully designed in a chic glass bowl

2. Succulents

Succulents are another perfect option for your man. Since they’re desert natives, they truly don’t need much other than plenty of sunshine to thrive. This lovely succulent terrarium is a great choice because it features a variety of plants in a stylish container that will keep them nice and warm.

Deliver a favorite treat of exotic orchids, tangerine roses, sunset mini calla and rich floral foliages artfully designed in a birch cylinder

3. Rustic Arrangements

We love a good rustically styled floral arrangement for a man. The Birchwood Blush design, for example, is perfect for any guy and especially those who love to spend time in nature. This bouquet features a vibrant palette of orange and green flowers arranged in a birch container.

This stunning bouquet is budding with exotic birds of paradise, lush torch ginger, protea, and sprays of cymbidium orchids and lush tropical foliage guaranteed to make anyone's day special!

4. Tropical Arrangements

Tropical flowers with their fiery colors and interestingly shaped blooms are also a great choice for men. For this Valentine’s Day, you can send your husband or boyfriend on an Island Adventure complete with birds of paradise, torch ginger, protea, anthurium, and orchids! Even if you can’t get away to a tropical island this year, he’ll feel like he’s had a day at the beach with this exotic bouquet.

Spread a blanket and feel the warmth of a sunny day when this fabulous gift arrives!

5. Flirty Foods

If you know the way to your man’s heart is through his stomach, then there’s no reason why you can’t gift him a savory basket of meats, cheeses, and other gourmet treats. With the Ultimate Meat & Cheese Gift Crate, no one will be hangry this Valentine’s Day.

Is It Really Okay to Give a Guy Flowers for Valentine’s Day?

Absolutely! We are delivering more and more flowers and roses to guys on Valentine’s every year, and today the full palette of colors and varieties are popular for men.

In fact, studies have even shown that men who receive flowers become more open and communicative. They also make increased eye contact and tend to stand closer. So, if you’re hoping to snuggle up for a romantic evening or have a meaningful conversation this Valentine’s-Day, flowers for your man are definitely the way to go!

Where to Shop for Your Man’s Valentine’s Gift

When ordering flowers or plants, we always recommend shopping with a local florist, rather than ordering from a national flower delivery chain. You’ll receive exceptional customer service and a high-quality product every time you order local because you’ll actually get to speak with a florist at our flower shop. As a result, we’ll be able to help you choose the prettiest and freshest blooms that are currently available in our area.

If you’re not sure what type of plant or floral arrangement would be best for your beau, we welcome you to ask a florist at Carithers Flowers. Whether you order online, in person, or over the phone, we’re here to help you choose the perfect gift for celebrating Valentine’s Day with your significant other.