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Posted by Charles Carithers on May 26, 2020 | Last Updated: June 4, 2020 Uncategorized

Fresh from the Garden – English Style Arrangments

If you’re not familiar with the English Garden Style type of flower arrangement, then you’re missing out on one of the most charming, gorgeous, and natural-looking floral designs that exist. Resembling the enchanting cottage gardens that dot the English countryside, this style captures the essence of a bountiful, vibrant garden full of a variety of colors, shapes, and textures naturally brought forth by Mother Nature. 

English Country Cottage

Here at Carithers Flowers, our design experts love working with fresh, seasonal flowers to create unique products that highlight certain aspects of florals. For the English Garden Style, also called the English Cottage Style, what’s highlighted is the beauty of nature untouched, for the most part, by humans. Rather, a natural display of plants and flowers which grow together beautifully and harmoniously. After learning more about the English Garden Style, it’s likely to become something you’ll want around you all the time. 

Cottage Garden with Wildflowers

Characteristics of English Garden Style 

In addition to seasonal blooms, other characteristics of the English Garden Style include large flowers bursting with life such as English roses, peonies, ranunculus, and dahlias. Accompanying these large blooms are flourishing vertical accents like foxglove, snapdragon, stock, and larkspur. Additionally, more than the usual amount of greenery cushions the blooms and fills in the spaces to recreate a lush garden look. The shape of this style is mostly round or oval and artfully irregular, just as it is in nature. 

Pink English Roses Blooming

A good example to showcase this design is our English Cottage arrangement which resembles an English morning countryside. Pastel and fragrant lavender stock, delicate blue delphiniums, and pillowy ranunculus dance with willows of veronica in a bed of English blush pink garden roses, sun-bleached hydrangea, and silver eucalyptus. Another example of this style is seen in our Pastel Garden Splendor bouquet, which has flowering white hydrangea, pastel garden roses, lavender-scented stock, and garden blue thistle nestled in silver eucalyptus.      

Inspire with a bouquet of the English morning countryside. Dreamy pastels of fragrant lavender stock, delicate blue delphiniums, pillowy Italian ranunculus dance with willows of of veronica in a bed of English blush pink garden roses, sun-bleached hydrangea and silver eucalyptus. Hand designed in a farm to table gathering vase its perfectly presented as a table centerpiece, credenza or desktop display of timeless floral perfection.

English Cottage

Deliver your sentiments with this hand-designed bouquet of floral favorites including flowering white hydrangea, pastel garden roses, lavender scented stock and garden blue thistle nestled in silver eucalyptus and presented in one of our chic glass vases perfect for any table, credenza or desk. Hand-delivered with your sentiment and guaranteed to make the perfect impression.

Pastel Garden Splendor

Best Occasions for Use

A design this charming with understated elegance, quiet beauty, and lushness is perfect for any occasion. Send to a loved one to celebrate an anniversary and see the surprise and appreciation of them receiving something unexpected yet gorgeous. Recreate a Downton Abbey look, if you’re a fan, or just bring a little English countryside charm into your home for instant style and appeal. For more floral inspiration, give us a call or peruse our collection