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Posted by Charles Carithers on May 19, 2015 Uncategorized

Decorate in Style with Holland Tulips

c7While tulips make great gifts for a special occasion, they are also a great flower to use to decorate any room in your home. Here are some ideas from the floral design team at Carithers Flowers:

Lemons and Tulips for the Kitchen or Patio

Use a wide-mouthed pitcher or ball jar for this tulip arrangement. Add sliced lemons and/or limes and water to container and then arrange yellow and white tulips inside. This is a great item to add to a kitchen table or counter as well as a patio table.

Vintage Style Tulip Arrangement for the Living or Family Room

Get a crate and old milk bottles. Place one or two tulips in your favorite colors to each bottle and add water. Tie the two tulips in each bottle together to help them stand up straight. Place on a side table or coffee table in a social space like the family or living room.c5

Tulip Topiaries

This unique design idea only requires a topiary ball from the craft shop, floral water picks, ribbon, and, of course, tulips. Place each tulip in a water pick and add around the topiary ball. This can be hung up on a porch or in a social space inside to add interest and color. It even looks great over a table like a floral chandelier.c1

Tulips and a Floor Vase

Use a large container to make a floor vase that includes tulips and willow branches. This can be placed next to a doorframe or fireplace to add a special floral decorator touch. Select colors that complement your existing color scheme for that room.

Tulips on Tables

Tulips are a versatile flower that looks good in every shape and size of container, making them a perfect addition to a dinner party table, event centerpieces, or individual flower arrangements for banquet tables or side tables. Tulips can be easily bunched together to stand up or they can be folded down to float in a large glass container along with candles.c5

Our Tulip Selection

All of our Atlanta flower shops use only the freshest tulips from our flower farm partners in Holland. Known the world around for the most beautiful tulips, Holland offers an array of colorful choices that you can use for gifts and to decorate your home throughout the spring and summer months. Visit our Atlanta flower shops today to start enjoying the beauty of tulips.