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Posted by Charles Carithers on December 10, 2018 Uncategorized

Celebrating Poinsettia Day in Atlanta

Wednesday, December 12th is National Poinsettia Day, which is an ideal way to start your holiday decorating or send a special gift for the holiday season.

To help you celebrate Poinsettia Day, we have greenhouse poinsettias available to purchase in our Atlanta flower shop or through our website.

Here are some of our special prices for holiday poinsettias this year in our Atlanta flower shop and online:

HOLIDAY POINSETTIA: $39.99.  15″ to 17″ tall with 6-9 holiday blooms. These poinsettias are delivered in a wicker basket with holiday trim.

DELUXE POINSETTIA: $64.99.  19″+ tall with up to 15-holiday blooms.  These poinsettias are also delivered in a wicker basket with holiday trim.

IMPERIAL POINSETTIA: $89.99.  Exclusively from Carithers, these poinsettias stand 26″+ tall with over 20 blooms.

We have red and white poinsettia plants available to choose from based on what is in stock at the time of ordering.

Also, here are some other ideas for Poinsettia Day:


Make holiday decorating easy with our special grouping of red poinsettia plants. These are perfect for a home, office, or event. You can choose from a grouping of two, three, four, five, or six poinsettias.


This garden basket makes a wonderful Christmas gift that keeps on giving even after the holidays. The long-living plants include a poinsettia and other garden plants that can be replanted and enjoyed for a long time with minimal care.


This festive Christmas garden includes a poinsettia plant, green and blooming plants, berries, and pine cones. Many of the plants are easy to take care of so they last for months to come.


This Christmas basket is filled with winter flowers and greenery that includes dieffenbachia, fern, ivy, and poinsettia along with pinecones, balls, and ribbo in a wicker basket with a handle.

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