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Posted by Charles Carithers on January 10, 2017 Uncategorized

Celebrating Houseplant Appreciation Day in Atlanta

C1Houseplants offer aesthetics and health to your home or office. Their various textures, sizes, and colors provide a wide range of décor choices while their leaves and natural structure offer health benefits, including cleaner air.

This is the day to celebrate them! On January 10th, it’s Houseplant Appreciation Day, so do your best to treat your houseplants to some extra special care and attention. C3

Or, if you are just starting out with indoor plants and blooming plants, here is some great advice on how to care for them:
• Your houseplants may need propagating, which means that you can take any new shoots of offsets them off your houseplant and start growing them in new pots.
• If your green thumb has been working, then your houseplants have been growing and may need to be repotted. If the roots are circling around the inside of the pot, then it means they are running out of room. Try dividing up the houseplant stems and putting them in various pots or alternatively you can just move the entire plant to a much larger container.
• Take the time to groom your houseplant by removing any dust that may have built up on their leaves. You can use a spray bottle to help clean them up. C4
• Any blooming plants you have may require deadheading. This keeps them blooming and prevents potential diseases. Remove yellow or withered leaves and take off any dying blooms.
• Overwatering can mean death for houseplants, so carefully check the soil and make sure you only make it moist. Typically, this means adding a little water every few days.
• Feeding houseplants is important. Fertilizer should be added during their growth spurt, such as the spring and summer seasons. Follow the directions on the fertilizer. Some houseplants and blooming plants require special fertilizer so check with your florist or garden center.

For more information on light, water, air temperature and fertilizer, be sure to check out our plant care guide.

You can also visit our Atlanta flower shop or our website to browse our selection of house plants, dish and basket gardens, and blooming plants.