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Posted by Charles Carithers on June 5, 2018 | Last Updated: August 9, 2021 Uncategorized

Celebrate National Rose Month and Red Rose Day

Even though roses make the perfect gift for anyone celebrating a special occasion or simply as a token of love or friendship at any time of the year, they are especially popular in the month of June in honor of National Rose Month. In addition to this month falling in their peak growing season, National Rose Month is celebrated in June due to this bloom being a (synonym for popular) choice for June wedding bouquets. Also appearing on the calendar in June is National Red Rose Day, which is recognized annually on June 12th.

History of National Rose Month

Celebrating National Rose Month in June began in 1959 when it was first observed in conjunction with the official naming of the United States national flower. Arlene Hennessey was the first to be crowned “Rose Queen” that year during the festivities. However, in 1986 under President Ronald Reagan, the bill was finally passed, and the rose has since been the national flower of the United States.

Why We Love Roses

Referenced in music, art, and literature for centuries, roses are said to be one of the oldest flowers in the world. While most artists reference the rose’s romantic beauty and alluring passion, these flowers are also connected to grace, elegance, friendship, cheer, enthusiasm, and more based on the color and hue of their petals. White roses are especially treasured as a symbol of purity and innocence and are often seen in funeral arrangements as a sign of sympathy.

Celebrating National Rose Month and National Red Rose Day

So, how are we celebrating National Rose Month in June and National Red Rose Day on June 12th? Your friends here at Carither’s Flowers, the top florist in Atlanta, GA, have rounded up a few of our favorite pink rose, red rose, multi-colored rose, and white rose arrangements that are available for same-say-delivery in Atlanta. Whether your summer wedding or special event is coming up, you want to celebrate a June birthday with their birth month flower, remind your loved ones how much they mean to you, or bring a lovely arrangement into your own home roses are always a beautiful choice.

Favorite Roses in Atlanta, GA

The finest white luxury Ecuadorian roses, carefully hand-picked and artfully arranged with lush foliage and perfecta babies breath in a chic glass vase.

Luxury White Mountain Roses


Elegantly arranged in a chic glass vase, these white Ecuadorian roses have been carefully handpicked in Ecuador and paired with babies breath and lush greens for a beautiful and airy bouquet.

All her favorites! Long-stem red Ecuadorian Mountain roses and fragrant pink stargazer lilies.

Red Roses & Stargazer Lilies


Nothing compares to long-stem roses, and we know where you can get the best long-stem roses in Atlanta. A match made in heaven, long-stem red Ecuadorian mountain roses paired with showstopping pink stargazer lilies provides a stunning and romantic wow factor.

Carithers Luxurious Ecuadorian Mountain Red Roses are hand-picked in the mountains of Ecuador where high elevation, full sun and low temperatures create nature's perfect rose!  Our roses feature 30% larger blooms & longer vase-life.  Same Day Delivery in Atlanta. Featured on WSB Atlanta & National Floral Trends magazine.

Ecuadorian Mountain Red Roses – Voted Best of Atlanta


These bold red roses were grown and cared for in the mountains of Ecuador where they soaked up the sun in low temperatures and high elevations. This recipe has produced the perfect red rose arrangement, voted best in Atlanta, that is sure to last.

Luxurious Hot Pink Candy Roses from our Ecuadorian Mountain Farms, featuring larger blooms and vase life, this "Best in Show" variety winner was featured in 'Floral Trends' National Magazine and a Carithers exclusive!

Hot Pink Candy Roses


This floral presentation includes award-winning premium hot pink candy roses along with scented eucalyptus that will awaken all your sense with pleasant aromas and uplifting hues.

She will love our Tiffany Blush Pink Ecuadorian Mountain Roses, hand-picked in the high elevations where the combination of full sun and cool temperatures create the perfect rose.  Our farms feature 30% larger blooms, longer vase life and luxurious petal counts.

Tiffany Blush Pink Roses


These exclusive pink roses are 30% larger than any other type of rose. Tiffany Blush Pink Ecuadorian Mountain Roses offer luxurious petal counts with a guaranteed longer vase-life.

She will love this luxurious presentation featuring Sarah Bernhardt pink peonies, Princess garden roses, hot pink and tuscany-orange roses, fragrant lavender stock, garden hydrangea and lush eucalyptus foliage.

Luxe Peony and Roses


This garden-style floral design includes our exclusive Princess Garden Roses and other garden flowers like full-bloom garden hydrangea, lavender stock, and Sarah Bernhardt pink peonies. Artistically arranged and displayed in a glass vase, this rose bouquet showcases the versatility and complementary beauty of colorful roses.

If luxurious excellence is what you desire, this magnificent bouquet is unmatched. Boasting only the most premium of floral varieties, including unique hydrangeas, exotic cymbidium orchids, long-stem roses, protea, and much more, this clustered bouquet is hand-designed by our award-winning designers delivers an impression that will not soon be forgotten.



Between the long-stem roses, exotic cymbidium orchids, protea, and award-winning hydrangea, Rhapsody is sure to transport its admirers to a vibrant summer’s evening. This design is perfect to celebrate a birthday, Mother’s Day, friendship, flirty romance, and more.

Celebrating National Rose Month in June and National Red Rose Day on June 12th come at perfect times. From romantic long-stem red roses to cheerful colorful roses and even elegant long-stem white roses, your friends here at Carither’s Flowers are sure to have the best selection ready for delivery around Atlanta. It is peak blooming season for these timeless beauties after all!