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Posted by Charles Carithers on July 21, 2014 Uncategorized

Brighten Your Personal Space with Fresh-Cut Flowers

feb25c3Your home is a place to relax so you tend to decorate it in a way that helps you relax but that also defines you as a person. You surround yourself with things you like in the colors you like. This makes it feel more like home. While there are many ways to do this, including adding personal photos, art, curios and items from your travels, flowers also are quick, easy, and affordable way to brighten your personal space.

You are bringing part of nature indoors with you, and there is nothing more beautiful than what nature offers in terms of flowers, the variety, and the color palette. We’ve rounded up some great ways to add flowers to your personal space.Luxurious Flower Arrangements

Know Your Flowers

Before decorating with flowers, take some time to get to know what flowers are available, when they are in season, and how to take care of them. Whether you consult our flower dictionary or get a good flower encyclopedia from the library, this will help you get to know flowers and greenery so you can better decide how to incorporate them in your home.

Match Your Style

Your home definitely has its own style. Is it traditional? Contemporary? Country or shabby chic? Defining that style will definitely help you decide what flowers and in what arrangement or container to choose to brighten your home.

For example, traditional styles most often use a glass vase while country décor would be best served by a watering can or bucket. bridalc6

Of course, the color of flowers you choose should also complement your décor’s color scheme.

Change with the Seasons

The good thing about flowers is that you can change your décor each season because the flowers in bloom also change. For example, tulips will be available in spring while sunflowers can be used from summer into fall, and winter can focus on holiday flowers, including holly, pine stems, or amaryllis.

Recycle and Reuse

Decorating your home with fresh cut flowers doesn’t have to be expensive either because you can use existing containers around the house or other items found at yard sales or thrift stores. Here are some ideas:

  • Used cans that once contained coffee, soup, or pasta sauce are great filled with flowers and are a perfect fit for a kitchen or dining area. Leave the label on for more color and interest.
  • An old bird cage or apothecary jars make for interesting containers to be filled with fresh cut flowers for a foyer, living room, or family room.
  • Reclaimed furniture can also be turned into a decorating item and container for fresh cut flowers, including old drawers.dadc3
  • Other recycled items that make for interesting décor include old paint cans, teacups, picnic baskets, luggage and pitchers all of which could be used in a guest room, living room, or dining room just to name a few unique places for special flower décor.

Be sure to visit our Atlanta flower shops for more decorating ideas for fresh cut flowers as well as to pick up bunches of beautiful and fresh flowers!