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Posted by Charles Carithers on October 9, 2020 | Last Updated: October 1, 2021 Uncategorized

All About Fall

What is it about fall that makes this season so wonderful? The cooler air, pumpkin-spiced everything, the dramatic color change to gold, orange, and burgundy in the landscape around us? Perhaps it’s the feeling that we can finally relax a bit and spend time outdoors because it’s not so hot anymore. And the approaching holidays are fun ones – Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Fall is a fun time of year – a cozy up by the fire and sip apple cider time of year. Here at Carithers Flowers, we love fall for all these reasons plus the amazing florals this season brings forth, such as blooming dahlias, lush chrysanthemums, bright goldenrods, and brilliant celosia. To help you get into the spirit of fall, we’ve put together our best fall-related blogs to give you ideas on decorating your porch, fall gifts, trends, flowers, and more. Enjoy!

6 Fun and Easy Ideas to Decorate Your Front Porch for Fall

One of the best parts of autumn is seeing how everyone gets into the spirit of the season by decorating their houses. Decorating your front porch, steps, or door will create a cheerful and inviting facade to welcome guests.

Dahlias and Sunflowers For Late Summer, Early Fall

Late in the summer is a perfect time of year to enliven your home with a seasonal makeover, up your gift-giving ante and surround yourself with rich textures and hues of early fall.

Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpieces For Your Fall Holiday Table

Thanksgiving arrives on Thursday, November 22nd. While there are still a few weeks until the special fall holiday, it’s good to start planning and ordering things you need now to make it less stressful when the occasion arrives.

Fall Flowers and National Indoor Plant Week are Here!

The third week of September brings us two great occasions to celebrate. The first is National Indoor Plant Week, which celebrates the health benefits of indoor plants. This event occurs during the third week of every September.

Fall is Here!

On the calendar, Fall officially arrives on Friday, September 22nd. However, our Atlanta flower shop is already full of fall flowers, including fall bulk flowers, fall flower arrangements, and fall bouquets not to mention other seasonal fall gifts for special occasions.

The First Day of Fall Arrives on September 23rd

Summer has now officially drawn to a close as we have changed over our showrooms in all of our Atlanta flower shop locations to celebrate the first day of autumn on September 23rd.

Our Showroom is Dressed for Fall!

While we love our summertime, fall is also a true favorite among our staff at our Atlanta flower shop locations because it gives us a chance to showcase some dramatic colors and flower arrangements while also preparing for some of those great fall holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving.

The First Day of Fall has Arrived and With it Comes Fall Flowers, Fall Flowering Plants, and Fall Gifts

The first official day of autumn, or fall, arrived on September 22nd. Now that it’s here, the weather is already starting to change with cooler mornings and the beginning of fall colors on the trees.

Fall Color! No Car Trip Required…

Globalization means you can have pretty much any flower in any season. This is great for the December Bride who longs for white and red tulips nestled in holly and cedar, or the lover of lilac getting married in October.

The First Day of Autumn is Here!

Fall officially arrived on Thursday, September 22nd and with it we are proud to announce our fall collection of flowers and gifts that help you celebrate the season along with the numerous holidays it brings.

Get Excited for Halloween with These Scary Flowers

Happy October! It’s time to dip your apples in caramel and dish up the candy corns. At Carithers Flowers in Atlanta and Marietta, we celebrate every holiday and season with flowers, of course!

Halloween Flowers

Halloween arrives on Wednesday, October 31st, but now is the time to start thinking about decorating your home or office as well as for any upcoming holiday plans or events you may host.