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Posted by Charles Carithers on July 20, 2023 Uncategorized

60 Reasons for Sending Beautiful Blooms “Just Because”

The act of sending flowers is often associated with calendar events or significant milestones. But here at Carithers Flowers, voted the best florist in Atlanta, we advocate for appreciating and honoring everyday moments with beautiful flowers “just because.” Each day holds its own unique opportunities to spread happiness, love, appreciation, or support, all eloquently expressed through the language of flowers. Whether it’s the love embodied by roses, the invigorating positivity of sunflowers, or the genuine sincerity of hydrangeas, every flower offers a unique sentiment. Accompanied by a thoughtful card message, a surprise bouquet can turn any day into an uplifting celebration. To help you commemorate the little moments, here are 60 instances that prove sharing a bouquet of fresh blooms doesn’t require a holiday.

15 Occasions Worth Hinting You Want Flowers from Your Partner

  1. You’d like to admire flowers during your birthday dinner
  2. They’ll be on a work trip during your birthday
  3. You’re recovering from a serious illness
  4. The kids have been quite a handful this week
  5. You’re celebrating a pivotal day in your relationship
  6. It’s clear that you need a break from wedding planning
  7. You were finally able to clear the blockage in your vacuum cleaner
  8. After training for months, you finished running your first marathon
  9. You no longer impulsively shop from your phone while watching TV
  10. They decided to plan a beach trip instead of another Disney trip
  11. You’re putting together a dinner party for family and friends
  12. They’re ready to say “I’m sorry” after your fiery argument
  13. You worked hard on redecorating the house, and now it’s time to enjoy it
  14. Your health scare turned out to be a false alarm
  15. Your fur baby doesn’t have thumbs, and you realize nobody else can buy you flowers

15 Reasons to Order Flowers for Your Parents

  1. They welcomed you into the world
  2. They raised you to become strong, independent, and bright
  3. They provided financial support for a major purchase
  4. They took the kids to an amusement park while you were working from home
  5. They brought home a new furry member of the family
  6. Mother’s Day was yesterday, but you forgot to call your mom
  7. Even though you sent a card, you neglected to call your dad on Father’s Day
  8. Ever since they moved south, you’ve been missing them
  9. Their health is improving
  10. They started to use TikTok to promote the family business
  11. They were excited to tell you all about the new social media app, Threads
  12. They took the time to plan a fun and thoughtful family vacation
  13. They just returned home from a special bucket-list trip overseas
  14. You want to make them happy
  15. You want to send them your love and gratitude

15 Times to Send Flowers to Your Bestie

  1. It’s Bachelorette night, complete with wine and charcuterie
  2. They just became a mom
  3. You thought of them the entire time you watched Firefly Lane on Netflix
  4. They’re trading their old zip code for one in your neighborhood
  5. They moved to a new city, and you miss your weekly get-togethers
  6. You won’t be in town to celebrate their birthday
  7. They decided to tie the knot with the love of their life
  8. They initiated the divorce process
  9. They’re excited to travel abroad solo next month
  10. They’re going through a really difficult time
  11. You want to say “I’m sorry” after a fiery debate
  12. They’ve successfully tackled a tough fitness challenge
  13. You’ll be getting a tour of their brand-new office space for their business venture
  14. They’re trying out a new medication and feeling much better
  15. They always stand by you through thick and thin

15 Circumstances for Buying Flowers for Yourself

  1. It’s been a no-good, very bad day for you
  2. It’s been a smooth-sailing day
  3. You want to get yourself a lovely birthday gift
  4. You’re sticking to your new hydration goals
  5. After your presentation, your boss gave you a raise
  6. You took a risk by signing up for a jujitsu class
  7. You’ve always wanted to see The Great Wall of China and finally planned a trip
  8. You stopped procrastinating and cleaned out the attic
  9. Although you didn’t agree, your anger did not take over during a political conversation
  10. Your parents and siblings are spending the weekend at your place
  11. You started a clothing drive in your community
  12. You’re doing an amazing job raising your kids
  13. Your favorite song is “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus
  14. There’s no better season to enjoy fresh blooms in the home
  15. Your favorite flower shop had the best blooms on display

Every day provides a chance to convey love and cheer through flowers, whether they’re meaningful stems or favorite blooms. At Carithers Flowers, we continuously strive to turn your ordinary days into unanticipated celebrations “just because.”