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Posted by Charles Carithers on July 19, 2019 | Last Updated: July 25, 2019 Uncategorized

5 Essentials for College Survival Kits

Essential Gifts For College Survival

It’s almost time for college students to head to campus! What an exciting time in a student’s life as they take on more responsibility than ever and start to spread their wings. We want to see them successful and happy; we also want to make sure they’re protected and provided for. So, the designers at Carithers Flowers created a list of some essential items to help college students survive and thrive as they arrive on campus.


Flowers, Plants, & Gifts to Warm College Student Hearts

Beautiful peach roses, baby green hydrangea, pincushion protea, hypericum berries, and purple orchids in decorated vase



Confidence That You’ve Got Their Back Above all, make sure your student knows how much you love and support them. A fun surprise delivered right to their dorm or college apartment will make them feel special and missed. Our Peachtree Petite is the perfect size for a busy desktop or smaller living space. Though compact in size, it makes a strong design statement with on-trend flowers including pincushion protea and roses in coral and peach accented by purple orchids.






Cozy-up an institutional environment with a Desktop Garden of Southern Favorites, including flowering hydrangea and azalea and accented with lush ferns and accents. Choose a contemporary container or a farmhouse birch basket. Students of all walks of life will be happy to know you’re invested in their future. For example, let your nursing student know you’re supporting her as she begins her first day of clinicals when you send her a beautiful design like this!



hanging succulent terrarium



Succulent Terrariums arrive in three styles. Choose Paradise Terrarium (pictured), a geometric Glass Decor Display Box or a Baja Decor Planter. No matter what you choose, your student will love having something so easy to maintain bringing life and energy to their space.

gift basket picnic basket stuffed with snacks and treats




When your student needs a little pick-me-up, or some late night noshes, try something from our Gourmet Gifts Baskets Collection: Gourmet Fruit and Cheese to Chocolate Lovers, Sugar Fix and more.

Functional Gifts

Desk Organizer Storage space matters in a dorm room or small apartment. So, make sure your college student has everything organized and easy to find while they’re on the run. Help them and their desk stay organized and efficient. Any kind of organizing tool will help your student have a successful year.

Microwave and Accessories Microwave dinners are a staple in college, but go above and beyond with extras like microwave popcorn and other treats. Find accessories that help your student make delicious treats like scrambled eggs or s’mores to give them more than quick dinners.

Portable Chargers Students are on the go and don’t often have time to stop and charge their electronic devices. A portable charger will help your students keep moving and charged up at the same time. Send portable chargers for your student’s laptop, tablet and cell phone to keep them going strong all day long.

Laundry Accessories Laundry can be a big part of a student’s college life. Make sure they have all of the accessories they need to get it done quickly and efficiently. Drying racks, hangers, and a sturdy laundry basket or bag all matter when it comes to toting laundry to a community laundry room.


Make sure, above all, that your student knows how much they are loved and missed. Set them up for success and show them your encouragement with a special gift here and there throughout the semester. Send essentials to any Atlanta area university and help them do more than survive- help them thrive this school year! The design experts at Carithers Flowers will be happy to help you find more great college student gift ideas to prepare them for everything life and college will throw their way.