White Lily

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Lilies (Lilium species) are herbaceous flowering plants which grow from bulbs. The range of lilies in the Old World extends across much of Europe, across most of Asia to Japan and to the Philippines. In the New World, they extend from southern Canada through most of the United States. The Lilies compromise a genus of about 110 species and are most commonly native to the northern hemisphere. They are generally adapted to woodland habitats, often montane, or sometimes grassland to habitats.

Obviously the White Lily is white but lilies range in color from orange and red to purple, yellow and rose with an intense fragrance. The cultivars vary from eighteen inches to six feet tall for the White Oriental Lily. This lily is very heavily scented and produces wide-mouthed “trumpet” like flowers. Although the Oriental Lily is considered to be a hardy plant, they often times require staking because of their heavy trumpet blooms.

Growing Recommendations – White Lily

The White Oriental Lily can be planted in the fall or spring, depending upon the availability of the bulbs. Handle the bulbs carefully and space them six to ten inches apart with four to six inches of soil covering the bulb. Fertilize lightly monthly and make sure to stake the taller lilies. Lilies need well-drained soil that in an area that receives sun or part shade. They are easy to grow because the pants will tolerate a variety of soil types and will flower in full sun to part shade. It is recommended to plant the lily on the west side of a building or house close to a wall. By planting on the west side, they can still receive ample sunlight but will avoid the afternoon or late day heat and by planting them closer to a wall, they will be better protected against strong winds. Cut them to ground level when they are brown but never cut them down when the leaves are still green and avoid too much water because that will cause the flower to rot. Lilies are tough, hardy plants that once established in your garden will continue to perform for you year after year with little care. They have a strong yet beautiful scent and because they are perennials, you can enjoy them for years to come.

Photos of White Lilys

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