Vanda Orchid

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When it comes to orchid growing, the Vanda’s are considered sun-worshipers because they are native to India, the some south Pacific Islands and the Philippines. The Vanda is a genus in the orchid family which contains about fifty species and contains some of the most magnificent flowers in the family. The wide range of colors which includes fairly good blues and browns has added to their popularity. The Vanda orchid comes in yellow, orange, bright fuchsia and scarlet with exotic markings, spots and stripes. The length of this plant varies in size with some being miniature and some with lengths of several meters. Vanda orchid’s flowers are saucer-sized, flat blooms with a texture that is papery but shines as though it was sprinkled with diamond dust which glistens in the light.

Growing Recommendations - Vanda Orchid

The Vanda prefers a warm temperature with plenty of air movement. The flower will die from frost or cold for long periods of time. Its ideal temperature is from 59 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and 98 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. The Vanda is fast growing and prefers high light levels. Too little light will produce soft and lanky orchid plants. It also loves water and air movement is also vital to the successful cultivation of the Vanda orchid. It is recommended that the orchid be feed with a high nitrogen orchid fertilizer because the Vanda is considered to be a heavy feeder. The Vanda orchid is a rewarding plant with a very strong but beautiful scent. They will flower several times a year and will last long on the plant but not when cut. Make sure to give them plenty of water in the summertime and a balanced fertilizer as well.

Photos of Vanda Orchid

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