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For more than 400 years, the tuberose has been a secret seductress giving passion and fire to thousands of perfumes. A symbol of dangerous love and voluptuousness to the Victorians, tuberose's rich, heady fragrance is similar to the gardenia. The tubular flowers that scale the spikes of the tuberose are typically snowy white and last up to 14 days. A member of the Agave family, this native of Mexico is closely related to the yucca plant.

The tuberose is a night blooming-plant which is thought to be native to Mexico. The flower consists of twelve species and is a prominent plant in Indian culture and mythology where it is used for weddings, garlands, decoration and various traditional rituals. The tuberose was commonly used as a funeral flower during the Victorian Age and are a staple of many Hawaiian leis today. The flower sprouts in a long and narrow shaping, turning in to spikes that reach a height of around 45cm. Normally, tuberoses will grow to be about one foot in diameter. When the flower blooms it is known for its rich, sultry and wonderful fragrance. Most flowers begin to lose their scent when they are picked. Tuberose, like jasmine, has a heady floral scent that continues to produce itself. Tuberoses can thrive in warmer climates and survive the outdoors well. They bloom in the late summer best when they receive ample sunlight daily.

Growing Recommendations - Tuberose

After the final frost of the season, find a sunny place to plant the Tuberoses under a few of inches of soil and about one foot apart. Plant the tubers with the top part of the plant exposed and make sure to water and fertilize regularly. If you decide to pot and grow the tuberose indoors, make sure that you keep it at a temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Potted bulbs will take four to five months to bloom. The tuberose is not a hardy plant so planting it inside and then planting it in the garden once the last frost is finished is a good way to prevent any damage. These flowers smell quite nice can be cut but the water must be drained daily. Tuberose flowers will bloom from the bottom to the top of the flower.

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