Grand Reserve Rose

A Carithers Flowers Exclusive

Carithers Flowers offers an exclusive selection of beautiful roses known as the Grand Reserve Rose collection, which is grown for the florist on small South American family farms in Columbia and Ecuador What makes the Grand Reserve Rose so special is that is has extremely long stems as well as incredibly big and beautiful blooms are incredibly big and beautiful. Carithers Flowers notes that the Grand Reserve Rose is its biggest seller. The Grand Reserve Rose is featured in a deep, rich red as well as a farm, fresh pink. Each rose is up to 30% larger than other roses and has a luxurious petal count as well as the longest vase life amongst its floral counterparts. The Grand Reserve Rose collection can be shipped within the Atlanta area as well as throughout the United States.

Growing Recommendations - Grand Reserve Roses

Roses have been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years as evidenced by signs on Egyptian tombs and mentioned within Chinese history. Even the ancient Romans cultivated and tended to roses. They even experimented with cross-breeding roses. With over 150 types of roses, these flowers are easy to fall in love, especially if you receive a beautiful bouquet of Grand Reserve Roses from Carithers Flowers. Although most of the articles include information on growing and caring for flowers, the Grand Reserve Rose is something special and exclusive to Carithers Flowers. To get the most out your arrangement, here are some tips for taking care of them once you have them at home and want to prepare them to display in a vase.

The first step is to add room temperature water until the vase is three-quarter’s full so that the stem is able to remain hydrated. Also add in the professional floral hydrating solution that has been provided by Carithers Flowers for their Grand Reserve Roses. Follow the instructions that come on the solution packet. Use floral shears to cut off about one-half inch of the stem from each rose and the greenery that accompanies it. This helps keep the ends of the stems from getting clogged from bacteria. Be sure to wash the vase out after five days by completely removing the roses. Try to do this quickly because, if the roses are outside of water for more than a few minutes, the air they take in through their stems will begin the wilting process. Re-trim the stem bottoms to again clear any bacteria that may have started growing in the water. This process helps the Grand Reserve Rose bouquet last even longer. Misting the flower arrangements once or twice a day will help refresh the flowers, but be sure to not overdo this as this can create mildew. Also, keep the Grand Reserve Roses away from bright sunlight as well as minimize contact with any cold or hot drafts where they are put on display.

Photos of Grand Reserve Roses

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