Belladonna Delphinium

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Belladonna delphinium ( Belladonna Delphenium ) is a commonly grown hybrid species of the Delphinium genus, a cross between Delphinium elatum and Deliphinium grandiflorum.. A member of the buttercup family, this flower is native to the Northern Hemisphere and portions of tropical Africa. The ancient Greeks thought the flower bud resembled a dolphin, hence the name Delphinium. In Tudor England, the common name 'larkspur' referred to the flower's supposed similarity to a lark's claw. All modern delphiniums are hybrids, though common varieties include the dark blue flowered Bellamosum, the white flowered Casa Blanca, and the pink flowered Pink Sensation.

The belladonna species are long-lived, sturdy, bushy perennials. Its leaves are deeply cut, green and lobed. The stems are upright and short, topped with clusters of pointed flowers that contain five petal-like sepals. The plant grows to be about 4 feet tall and flowers bloom all through the spring and summer. The seeds of the plant are small and a shiny shade of black.

Growing Recommendations - Belladonna Delphinium

As a landscape plant, belladonna delphinium grows best outside in moderate heat in areas of full sun, with well draining soil having a pH range of neutral to slightly acidic. The flowers are easy to grow from seed and can be sown in pots or flats in late July or August. Transplants should be set out in October for late spring to early summer bloom. Do not cover root crown and beware of snails and slugs because they are often attracted to this plant, so keep the area clean and free of debris. In the spring, remove all of the shoots, except for 2 or 3, and side dress plants with a complete fertilizer. If plants have been well fertilized, you should get a second flush of new flowers in the fall.

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