Aster Novi Belgrii

Native to North America

This North American native plant is a genus of the Asteraceae or Aster family. There are at least six hundred varieties of aster flowers. Simple and colorful, this sweet perennial also goes by the name, New York Aster. The plants grow from one to two feet tall, and the flowers are a petit one and a quarter inches across. Asters can be found in nearly every color of the rainbow. The rayed leaves of the colored flowers cluster around a bright yellow center. Look for blossoms in the late fall through early winter, which adds a lovely color to a late fall garden. The New York Aster thrives on the north east coast of the United States, in eastern Canada, and along the eastern coast of the United States as far south as South Carolina and Georgia. It can be found in moist meadows, shores, and in thickets. This flower can also be grown in pots or in the garden.

One legend claims that the Greek goddess Asterea looked down at the earth and could not see any stars. She wept and where her tears fell, Asters grew. It is also said that the Aster is named for the star named Astron. which is mentioned in Greek mythology. Whatever the truth, these flowers are extremely popular in autumn and winter arrangements with their bright color and small clustered flowers.

Growing Recommendations - Aster Novi Belgrii

The New York Aster should be grown from plants rather than from seeds. They will happily take root in a sunny corner of the garden. Look for healthy plants with new growth, if possible. Soil should be well drained, and the plants benefit from organic fertilizer placed into the hole before setting the plant. Give your Asters lots of room to spread out, and look for blooms in late summer or early fall. Asters depend on insects for pollination and do all they can to attract butterflies to the garden with their coy little flowers. Be sure to give them lots of sun and an average amount of water. Once your Asters have taken root, it may become necessary to stake them to support the taller plants in order to prevent them from falling under their own weight. The New York Aster is sure to bring lots of color to the garden and a smile to the faces of those who love these simple, daisy-like plants.

Photos of Aster Novi Belgrii

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