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These Flower and Plant Care Myths Are Past Their Prime

Having plants and flowers in our living space is a great way to refresh our homes every season, brighten the rooms throughout our house, and lift our spirits. The benefits of being surrounded by beautiful flowers and healthy green plants… Read More about These Flower and Plant Care Myths Are Past Their Prime »

Let Sunflowers Shine All Season Long

Autumn is a fabulous time for enjoying beautiful blooms, especially sunflowers. Hailed as one of the signature flowers of fall, sunflowers are not only beautiful and stylish, they’re also super easy to care for. With so many style options available, as well as the multitude of occasions in which sunflowers can participate, these bold, showy blooms can create unique, eclectic decor in any setting. As naturally-occuring fall blooms, sunflowers bring a festive touch to any setting and a fresh autumnal vibe indoors as the temperatures drop outside. Since taking care of these blooms is so simple, there’s no reason not to include sunflowers in your fall decor throughout the Atlanta area. The floral designers at Carithers Flowers are here to show you how sunflowers can be part of your decor no matter what your style or occasion may call for. Read More about Let Sunflowers Shine All Season Long »
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How to Make Your Fresh Cut Flowers Last Longer

Getting fresh cut flowers as a bouquet or flower arrangement is a wonderful gift whether it comes from a loved one or you just treat yourself. It’s something you want to last as long as possible. While we use only the freshest flowers at Carithers, there are still steps that you can take to make those flowers last as long as possible. Here are our tips for enjoying them for many days to come. Water First If they have not arrived in water through our hand delivery service or you bought loose flowers from us, the first thing you should is get the flowers in water. The stems are their life support system, so as soon as you can get water flowing through them, the better. Check Water Temperature Don’t put the fresh cut flowers in cold water. Preferably, it should be room temperature or warm. The container where the flowers will be arranged should be a third to a half full. If the water is higher and comes into contact with the foliage, this foliage will rot after constant contact with the water so the water line should be below that. Give the Flowers a Little Space Don’t crowd … Read More about How to Make Your Fresh Cut Flowers Last Longer »
Posted by Charles Carithers on June 30, 2014 Flower Care